Wednesday, July 24, 2013

... and they are living happily ever after

It's going to be our four-year wedding anniversary on July 25. That seems like peanuts compared to the 10 year mark we're approaching for dating. From the time I was 17 years old, I've been with Sean. We never even broke up or took a break. I'm 27 now. That's a lot of time and life spent with another human being. And through it all: puppy love, Western and the long distance see-you-every-two-weeks, grad school and roofing, Port Townsend, marriage, unemployment, Seattle, Taiwan, I've figured out a few things.These things are the reasons why I married the first boy I ever fell in love with, my second boyfriend ever, and after 10 years regret nothing.

He's the best friend I ever could have asked for, ever. He'll laugh with me. He'll love on me. He'll hold me every single time I cry. He'll rub my tummy when I have a tummy ache. He'll go on stupid adventures with me. He'll make a goofy face when I'm mad and telling him all about it and then I can't be mad anymore.

He's very thoughtful. He'll sneakily buy me earrings and scarves and bracelets every time we're in Tickled Pink (my favorite store in the whole wide world) together, and he's been known to buy them for my mom and friends too. Just cause he wants us to know we're special. He'll buy my favorite chocolate bar every time he's in a store that sells it. He'll pick flowers before coming inside and then tuck them behind my ear. He'll tuck me in at night so I don't get cold.

He's bossy and protective and overbearing and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way because I know with every fiber of my being that he gives a damn. He'll cross the street with his arm around my waist, bodily dragging me forward and bringing me to a halt. He'll offer to come to meetings with me if he knows they'll be hard. He'll get all up in my face about fire safety and lighting candles and drinking diet soda pop. He'll make me stop reading on those days I start a book and literally cannot put it down to give my eyes a rest and make it worth it by giving me a head rub. He'll make me breakfast because he knows if he doesn't I'll just drink two cups of coffee instead.

He's big on making sure my dreams come true. He'll.... do everything I've ever written about here on this blog.

He's the nicest, most real person I've ever met. He'll go out of his way to help our friends out (even by dragging me to a hardware store and then browsing the shelves for hours trying to find just the right bolt for our friend's project all the while I'm loudly grumbling because I loathe any and all hardware stores). He'll climb up on any family member's roof and clean it off. He'll put up my mother's Christmas tree every.single.time and I'll just sit there and watch. He'll be genuinely himself all the time, every day, no surprises or second guessing involved.

He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met. He'll spend way more time on something than I would to make it just right. He'll never want to let you down so he'll work his hardest to make sure that whatever he does was the best it could be.

He's sweet. He'll call and miss me like crazy even if we're apart for just one day. We're pathetic like that. We always have been. If we go on a date, he'll hold my hand and want to pay. He'll run me a bubble bath just the way I like, and believe me I'm picky and have rules about swishing the bubbles around. He'll run to the store late at night to get me ice cream. He'll let me wear his blue button up poncho and in turn wear by hot pink pull over poncho so I can actually sit on the scooter fully covered when it rains. He'll tell it like it is, which is how I know he loves my elf ears and nose and freckles and eyes and silky hair... and other parts too.

He's pushy. He'll make me try a bite of something even if I'm convinced I won't like it and then only rubs it in my face a little bit when it turns out that I actually love it. He'll do what's right for us even when I'm pouting and not being realistic.

He's his own person with all these silly and endearing quarks like his OCD. I love that every time we go to leave the house, Sean finds random tasks he has to do like clean the kitchen sink or arrange all our shoes on the shoe rack or tidy the counter. I love that when we scoot down the road he sings really bizarre songs. I love that he can spend a day reading or playing video games.

I love that after 10 years of being together, my favorite thing to do is what I'm doing right now: sitting in the same room together, each doing our own thing, but just happy to be in the presence of each other.

Now, I wouldn't want you to think that I live with my head in the clouds or am lying and only leading with our best foot forward. We bicker. We fight, kinda, in a unique Jackie-and-Sean way. Sometimes, I want to push him off our second floor balcony. Sometimes, he jokes about breaking hard and dumping me off the back of the scooter. But when you share your life, day to day every single day, with another person, it's bound to happen.

But, the honest truth is, I adore this man. And there is not one single doubt in my mind, ever, that he friggin' adores me. Like, a lot. Life is beautiful because of him. And while I don't really think luck had much to do with it, I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


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