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Thursday, July 11, 2013

super Typhoon Soulik

Yup, that "super typhoon" is just a few hours away from smacking right dab into us.

And all we can think about was last year's Typhoon Saola, the "regular" typhoon type that flooded our bedroom, smashed a tree through our window, and caused electrical issues that resulted in our bathroom wall mildly electrocuting us every time we reached for some TP.

So, this "super typhoon" (and what does that even mean, really? It does not conjure comforting imagery!!) has us scrambling to prepare.

First, as Americans living in Taiwan we would have had no idea this beast was at our front door unless our friends said something based on something they overheard another westerner mention.

Because, well, we don't listen to the radio/news. It's all in Mandarin.

Luckily though, our friends did hear news of this bad boy and saw fit to mention the impending disaster to us.

So this morning I raced around on my little white scooter and stopped by three grocery stores to get provisions: food, water, batteries.

Holy crap, though.

It didn't take long to realize I was a little late to the party and every other Taiwanese person residing in Hsinchu had already done this as each store's shelves were baren.

So we'll be riding out Soulik drinking booze and eating chocolate Dove bars and Frosted Flakes.

I'm actually kinda excited.

I mean, I love chocolate and Tony the Tiger but also the last typhoon we had was the strongest storm I've ever seen. It was simply stunning in its sheer power. I thought it was beautiful.

Plus, it's a great excuse to cuddle up by the window, drink something lovely, and listen to the howling winds and punishing rain.

And this time around we know better than to venture out during the eye of the storm to go get tacos.

See, one year into living in Asia and we are so much wiser.

To see the damage this typhoon caused, check out my super cool friend Jamie's blog post! 

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