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Friday, July 19, 2013

Work in progress

I promised a tour of our new place.

Here it is! 

Something to keep in mind: WE'RE NOT DONE YET!

Most of the furniture is in place but we haven't hung any of our photos or paintings or nick knacks. 

Even so, this place is so cozy and comfy and we adore it!

The kitchen:
Please note that the sink and oven are not held up by bricks. Improvement!

The coffee table:
Swoon. I'm in love with my espresso machine and my cute coffee table Sean got me.

The dining area:
We're still going to get a rug for under the table.

Bathroom 1:
Note that there is nothing duck taped to the wall and all of the pipes are not exposed. Oh, and there's no black mold. Yipee!

The living room:
So cozy and comfy! We have TV for the first time in 4 years! Sean is going to get black/white European city scapes from Taipei that I was drooling over. They take up the whole wall. It'll look so cool! I heart my husband!

The hall way:
I love the pink and salmon walls and green doors. So cute. The apartment has the master bedroom and two spares. We'll fix up one for guests and the other will turn into Sean's Man Room aka a rock climbing gym.

View from our real porch:
We live on the second floor. Those are our two scooters. Mine is the adorable white one on the right side.

Our bedroom:
Yum. Our bed is heaven and soft and our new blanket is to die for! One of the city scapes will hang above our bed.

 Spare room 1:
This will be turned into a guest room. Right now, it's the laundry room.

So there it is! Our new apartment that we friggin love!

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  1. It looks adorable! I'm so happy u found a place that fits u guys perfectly!!! Love you

  2. Wonderful! it also looks like you were generous and left your pet spidies for the next unsuspecting victims! Just pray they are not like the stories you hear about dogs tracking down their old masters. They will go for miles & many trials to get back to them...
    Much Love to You Both!
    Momma Lisa