Thursday, July 3, 2014

a homecoming: through the woods and across the beach

Washington's beaches may not be white sand beaches.
They may not be the place people go to sunbathe or play beach volleyball or even have a picnic.
They may be a little cold and windy and rocky.

But they are absolutely one of my favorite places on earth. 

Washington beaches are rough and jagged and the place mountain and forest meet sound.
They are a place to stroll and collect sea glass and pet playful dogs and get tangled, wind whipped hair.
They are a place where even on a "hot" day people wear jackets and everyone smiles at one another and says hello and have a great day and what an adorable dog

To me, these beaches are a massive part of my concept of home.
So it seemed fitting that after flying across the Pacific Ocean [bizarre fact: we left Taiwan on Wednesday and landed in Seattle on Tuesday] and being home for the first time in a long time, we drove up north despite our jet lag and simply enjoyed some time wandering through the forest and along the beach.

And instantly, my reverse culture shock melted away and I felt it: home.
Being at home.
And there are so many things I love and missed dearly about home.

I love how the sunlight filters through the canopy of the forest and creates beautiful patterns.
I love how even the pesky weeds and nettles are beautiful.
I love the stunning vistas from the top of the sea cliffs once the woods thin.
I love the hardy trees in peculiar shapes after years and years of heavy wind. 
I love the pebbled beach shore.
I love the playful hounds roaming the beach with their friendly owners.
I love the fierce breeze that howls all around.
I love the mountains poking through the clouds in the distance.
I love the fresh, salty smell of ocean air. 

Mostly, I just love home sweet home.


  1. Those are my kinds of beaches, too :) Glad the reverse culture shock is melting!

  2. Those beaches are so beautiful! No wonder they melted away the reverse culture shock!

  3. Beautiful! (And welcome home!)

  4. Stunning! Welcome back to (the other) Washington! Enjoy.

  5. so gorgeous... can we add a few months to summer so that we can visit WA and you can visit MI?

    1. Yes please! Michigan looks amazing!!