Saturday, March 21, 2015

driving milford sound: mirror lakes

The drive to Milford Sound was a lot of things: long, stunningly beautiful and a tad bit terrifying. 
Milford Sound is located on New Zealand's south island.
It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world.
Personally, I think that's crap.
It should be No 1.
Quite literally, Milford Sound is paradise.
Or at least my version of paradise. 
My paradise doesn't include white sand beaches, balmy weather or fruity alcoholic beverages with little umbrellas.
No, my paradise requires tall mountains, rivers, green forests and solitude. 
My paradise is remote and rugged and quiet and away from crowds.
Maybe this is because I teach middle school so my days are loud and spent surrounded by so many people who need/want my attention all the time. 

Getting to Milford Sound is no easy task.
That's why this wondrous place is so vacant. 
State Highway 94 is the only road that connects Milford Sound to the rest of civilization.
The single lane highway runs through the Southern Alps.
The road twists + turns and climbs + falls.
The journey is captivating. 
There are so many beautiful things to see that it is hard to drive for more than 10 minutes down SH94 before pulling off the road to admire something.

One of my favorite stops along the route was Mirror Lakes.
Mirror Lakes is exactly what it sounds like: a lake that is also a mirror.
The lake reflects beautifully the Earl Mountains.
The scenic spot is about a 20 minute walk round trip.
While it is at the very beginning of the journey to Milford Sound, it was still absolutely worth stopping for, that is unless you hate trees and mountains and nature.
But, in that case, I think Milford Sound and New Zealand are the wrong places for you. 
Milford Sound was my favorite place in all of New Zealand (in all of the world actually), and if I ever go back, it will be to visit all of the sounds in Fiordland National Park.
I will be writing a whole series on Milford Sound.
It will include our camping, boating, hiking, and driving experiences.
So stay tuned for more paradise!

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  1. We flew to Milford Sound from Queenstown in a light plane a few years ago. The scenery was just stunning - I will never forget it.

    1. I bet the view from above was spectacular!

  2. Ohh so fab. All of those photos with the flare are just so pretty, Thanks for joining us for #SundayTraveler.

    1. Thanks! I definitely love the sun flare!

  3. Wonderful! Just arrived today to New Zealand, I definetely want to visit Milford Sound :)

    1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Have such a good time!

  4. Super gorgeous! I've really enjoyed your series on Milford Sound :)


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