Thursday, March 5, 2015

that time I went to a rugby game...

I am not a sports person.
I have no interest in them.
So I was not going to quickly research rugby in order to pretend that I know anything about the sport.

That said, I did go to a rugby game while in Auckland and I am going to tell you all about it.
The boys thought that going to a game sounded good or fun or something like that.
I was a little incredulous.
But then I bought two small bottles of wine and some potato chips and perked right up.

I had a lot of fun narrating the events of the game as they unfolded.
I think I learned a lot about rugby.
For example:

1. It's short: only 80 minutes of playing actually happens
2. The referees wear a ghastly shade of pink-- think Pepto Bismol
3. Each round starts in this huddle that is essentially a huge pushing contest
4. This huddles digresses very quickly into a bizarre form of grappling/wrestling that I will call grestling from now on
5. There is some point to this grestle and I think it is to get the ball (um, is it called a ball?) and shove it under your legs to a waiting team mate, kinda like a doctor waits to grab a baby during delivery
6. You don't have to dribble the ball and there is a lot of side tossing and kicking
7. Hog piles form often
8. You get points by running into the end zone or kicking the ball through a contraption, kind of like Quidditch in Harry Potter

So there.
I went to a rugby game in New Zealand.
I hope that I don't have to go to another sports game for at least another year or two.
I mean, there weren't even deep fried hot dogs!