Tuesday, March 7, 2017

a birthday at Longdong

Last Saturday, we headed back to Longdong for Sean's 32nd birthday. What a lucky boy! Two trips to Longdong in less than one month. It's kinda a chore to get to Longdong. It includes an early morning scoot to the high speed rail station, a train, a bus, and a walk, but it is also Sean's absolute favorite place to climb, so it's worth it.

It was only one year ago that we visited Longdong for the first time (to celebrate Sean's 31st birthday). Since then, we've been back four times. This time, since I am almost 30 weeks pregnant, my friend and I spent most of our time exploring the Longdong Cape Trail instead of climbing up and down giant rocks at the waterfront.

While short, the Longdong Cape Trail is beautiful. It has great scenes of mountain and ocean and, when we happened to go, was also full of huge, beautiful butterflies.

While I think most of my weekend adventures like this one are winding down until baby comes in 10 weeks, it sure was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon (even if I did have to spend all of Sunday on the couch recovering from Saturday)!


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