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Sunday, March 26, 2017

a blogging pariah

I never really got into the whole blogging scene, and trust me, there is a huge travel/expat blogging scene lurking on the Internet.

It's full of cute girls (and a random guy here and there) taking selfies in classic travel locations and writing "the ultimate guide on ___________".

I think a lot of people blog for other people.

Or popularity.
Or money.
Or affirmation.

But I just blog for me.

I like writing-- a lot-- and I want to write more than just assignment sheets for my classes and comments on my students' essays and grocery lists for my Sunday shopping excursions.

I also like taking pictures and sharing them.

Blogging is a hobby, and as far as my hobbies go, well, I take some others far more seriously-- like perfecting my homemade creamy red pepper hummus.

The truth is that I have only ever come across one blog in my life that actually, really, honestly inspired me.

Going Slowly.

I stumbled across it when I was 22 years old.

And I think it was just what I needed eight years ago to introduce me to the idea of alternative lifestyles. The lifestyle behind Going Slowly is pretty extreme: biking around the world for years and then living off the grid back in America.

While that's not my kind of alternative lifestyle, it did open my mind to the idea that I have all kinds of choices-- like the choice to live in some other random country just because I want to and can.

Recently, I've been bombarded with offers for free iphones, flights, accommodations, tours, vacation packages, etc. in exchange for blogging about this or that, but my answer is no.

I've also been contacted by professionals (a.k.a. other bloggers who are looking to make a dime or two) who want to "increase my blog traffic" or "put together a social media kit" or "rewrite a killer About Page", but my answer is a resounding no.

I work hard Monday through Friday earning my money.
And I make pretty darn good money for the work I do.
That is so not what this space is about.
Not even close.

If I am going to invest myself in any side hustle, it will be growing a rock climbing hold business with my husband.

While I could shed my pariah status and embrace the whole travel/expat blogger scene, I just have zero desire to do so.

It would tickle me to know that someone came across my blog, read it, and genuinely found something interesting or inspiring or entertaining, but I am not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

I guess I get all the validation I need on a daily basis; my husband listens to me when I drone on about this or that and at least one of my students laughs when I try to be funny.

My dog is a pretty good listener too, although I think he only listens in case I say the word "treat" or "walk".

So that is why you don't see cute little buttons on the sidebar for Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

That's why I am not a commenting on link-up maniac.

And that is why I am not interested in promoting something in exchange for something else.

Because this blogging thing-- it's just for fun.

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  1. That is great that you blog for yourself and enjoy it!

  2. I love reading your blog! It's lovely to read about a country that I will probably never visit. I'm a blogger too but again, made a decision not to run adverts, sponsored posts etc. I know some people need to as it's their main source of income but I just don't need the hassle or commitment it brings.

    1. Thanks Christine! I agree that I like looking at expat blogs about countries I have never been to/know very little about. Expats can offer so much more than casual, short term travelers because they really get a true feel for a place.

  3. I truly appreciate your blogging integrity, it is rare these days! Great blog. ��