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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Portland's Japanese Garden

While I really did enjoy Portland's Japanese Garden, I do have to admit that it felt a little... snobby. I was sitting on a bench eating a snack (some nuts), when a worker came over to me and very rudely informed me that no eating was allowed inside the park.

Truthfully, this kinda confused me.
What kind of outdoor park bans snacking??
I just don't know.

That said, the park is gorgeous.

Maybe I was also feeling a little snobby myself after the nut incident because I kept comparing the park to the time we spent in Japan and thinking: well, I've seen better, but that could have just been the hanger talking.

If you had a limited amount of time in Portland's Washington Park, which is where both the International Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden are located, I would choose the International Rose Garden. It is free, you can snack (maybe this only matters to me at the moment because I am 33 weeks pregnant?!), and I have never seen so many beautiful roses all in one place in my life.

If you do have time to see both, do; however, leave your snacks in your purse.

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