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Saturday, June 13, 2015

bright, colorful, playful christchurch

This may sound strange, but if Christchurch was a person, I would want to be her friend. I found myself totally smitten with her funky self expression and inner strength. And of course, what I really mean by that is the people of this small, broken place.

I already wrote about the quake that razed this beautiful city to the ground.

What impressed me so much about this quirky town was all the small things that create an atmosphere of happiness and hope in the midst of all the chaos and destruction. It's kind of like the city is giving a collective F-you to the quake that destroyed everything. 

These little acts of defiance are on practically every single street corner.

Those colorful, wind blown flags flying right beside the half collapsed cathedral. The rainbow pots and flowers in front of the cracked wall. The bright, fun container box restaurant and shopping plaza, temporary but way more than simply functional.

Yes, if this city was a person, she is someone I would definitely want to know.

She could teach me to be resilient in times that are trying. She could teach me that sometimes it's the small things that make a difference. She could teach me that things change, and sometimes not for the better, but that doesn't mean that life will not carry on and that it absolutely can still be beautiful, if you choose to let it be and search for and make that beauty.

While Christchurch was not my favorite place or city or experience in New Zealand, it certainly still left an impression on me.

Next time, when we go to New Zealand again (which we absolutely will), I will skip the North Island altogether and fly right into Christchurch to see what my dear friend is up to before heading out into the wild. 

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  1. Every time I see photos from Christchurch, I'm always in awe of how the city has grown again after the earthquake.

    Gorgeous photos as always!

    1. Thanks :)

      I was so stunned that so much destruction still remained so many years later. I cannot imagine how bad it must have been in the immediate aftermath of the quake. This city is truly a testament to the raw power of human resilience.