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Sunday, June 21, 2015

walking up a volcano

To be frank, the North Island just wasn't my thing. I think I know why. First, we road tripped all over the epic South Island and then did the North Island. Perhaps if we did the North Island first, then I could have appreciated it more. That said, there were a few notable things about the North Island: rugby, Hobbiton and penguins, of course. Rangitoto Island was pretty cool too.

Rangitoto is a volcanic island a ferry's ride away from downtown Auckland. It is a popular day trip for visitors as the top of the volcano has spectacular views of the city and surrounding areas. There are multiple trail choices up the volcano and around the volcano.

Of course, we just decided to go up up up.

It was hot and humid and sooooooo dirty. A lot of the trail is a never ending incline, and I was kinda miserable. I was the idiot who wore jeans because my running pants were dirty. Trust me, wearing jeans while hiking to the heavens in the heat and humidity is a really stupid life choice.

After reaching the summit, we hiked onward towards some caves. Everyone squeezed themselves inside the dark, narrow caves except for me. If someone could find a way to get wedged in between the rocks and then need the New Zealand equivalent of the coast guard or search and rescue to jimmy them out, it would be me, so I opted to just watch. I thought it was a good choice after some unexpected creepy crawly forced a young boy to run from a cave shrieking. 

Overall, would I recommend going to Auckland just to hike Rangitoto? Not really, but if you ever find yourself in Auckland with half a day to kill, there are certainly worse ways to pass the time.

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  1. Even if you didn't enjoy the North Island as much, you still go some pretty great shots :)