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Monday, June 8, 2015

cathedral cove

While I am not a die hard white sand beach lover, I can certainly appreciate balmy air, warm sand in between my toes, cotton ball clouds and cool, blue water, but you will not find me sprawled out on a beach towel.

Instead, you will find me wandering the beach looking for moments to capture:
that couple coupling in the water
that bird trekking down the shore
that tide splashing against the rocks
my husband, unsurprisingly, hanging off boulders

Going to the beach always means a date with my camera.

When I was still practicing getting the hang of shooting in manual, I could think of no better location. The weather changes so quickly and dramatically. One moment the sun shines and the next clouds roll in. Snapping away at the beach helped me get a hang of aperture and shutter speed.

Catherdral Cove, located along the Coromandel Peninsula of the North Island, was a perfect excuse to spend some quality time with my beloved Canon. To get to Cathedral Cove, we drove from the small sea side town of Whitianga where we were staying.

We parked our rental car and walked for about one hour to get to this cove. It was a hot day, and the hike was pretty tough at times, but it was always more beautiful than it was painful, with glorious views of the sea and countryside. There were hidden paths to wander down and find the perfect place to munch lunch.

The cove itself was absurdly cool.

Just look at those sea stacks (for some reason, my friend from the Midwest thinks my use of the word sea stack is hilarious, but it's a totally normal term used in Washington State to describe those huge, jutting pieces of land growing out of the ocean. Anyone?) You can play where's waldo and try and find my husband in the pictures below; he's busy trying to find a way to climb those stacks!

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  1. In some photos the sea stacks don't seem that large, until you put a person next to them or see the trees growing out the top! Nature does some magnificent things sometimes!

    1. I know! How crazy is that? A tree! Growing out of an isolated sea stack! Crazy!

  2. Oh nature is so stunning! What beautiful photos, and I can't get over how clear the water is - amazing!!
    - Marcella

    1. Thanks :)
      I know. This wasn't even the clearest, bluest water in new Zealand either!

  3. Beautiful pictures of stunning scenery. I love spending time at the beach too. We don't do it nearly enough!