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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

that time we flew, literally

Every summer, my mother plans a family day.
Last year, she charted a sailboat and we spent half a day on the water.
These kind of things are really important for a few reasons: one, we cannot get together any time we please, and two, we know what it means to lose a close family member and how precious family truly is. 
Plus, I think they have become something we all look forward to quite a bit.
That's not to say we don't get together for a barbecue or hike while we are home for summer, but these family days are a time to do something special and memorable together.
This year, we went flying!
iFly is a place where you can indoor skydive, which is the only way I will ever skydive. 
The iFly wind tunnel generates the conditions you would experience skydiving out of an airplane at 10,000 feet.
Normally, I would be really nervous to do something like this.
But the second it was my turn, I was overcome by nothing but pure excitement.
I frequently have dreams that I am flying, and this was my chance to do it for real.
Before entering the wind tunnel, we received a lesson on how to best fly (body positions, etc) and then suited up. 
Once it was our time to fly, we got to go in the wind tunnel twice. 
Entering the wind tunnel is like nothing else; even with ear plugs, the noise is all consuming. The updrafts catch you from the moment you step inside, and suddenly you are floating horizontally. 
Even the slightest adjustment to your arms, legs or torso changes your flight. 
I was really surprised about how much strength it took to hold the right position. 
By the time our first 1.5 minute flight was over, my muscles were aching. 
That didn't mean I wasn't completely pumped for my second turn, when the guide brings you high up in the tall vertical wind tunnel. 
We shot high in the air, spinning around and around and up and down.
iFly was such a fun experience, and the feeling (and sound!) of complete and total free fall is certainly one I will never forget! 

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  1. You know, I think I'd like this real thing :) But this also looks like a lot of fun!