Sunday, August 23, 2015

the ducks of lake tekapo

I am going to do something weird, which is get all sentimental about ducks. These ducks visited Lake Tekapo at the same time I did, and while they may be ducks, I thought they were beautiful. What struck me was their physical appearance along with something else altogether. It was their very embodiment of fernweh, a lust for far off places.

I know it's totally silly, but I really watched these ducks-- floating this way and that, napping on the shore, taking off in flight-- and I saw a little bit of my suitcase heart in them. We shared a blissful morning of quiet contentment together along the shore of Lake Tekapo, those ducks & I, and I would like to think that when we parted that day, they over the mountains and I to the mountains, we we were both off on an adventure to see distant places.
What do you think? Are ducks just ducks and birds just birds? 
Or do they have suitcase hearts??


  1. Such pretty animals. They look the same as the ones in North Dakota! Love those peaceful moments.

  2. These pictures are wonderful! You were able to get so close! Whenever asked what animal I could be I always answer a bird. In my eyes birds definitely have "suitcase hearts" and I love the way you put that! It seems to be so freeing to be able to just pick up and fly wherever the wind takes you :D

    1. They just swam right up to me, and some even came to shore and sat right by me! It was so cool. I agree that it sounds wonderful to just be able to take to the skies whenever you want!

  3. I love that idea of ducks having suitcase hearts! There's a solitary duck who drops into our backyard swimming pool each year, just for a day. I'm sure he (she?) has our backyard as a stop on the annual flit around the traps. I'm constantly amazed by the distances some birds travel each year.