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Saturday, August 1, 2015

word vomit from my jet lagged brain

Good Morning, Taiwan! 
We're back in the land of dragons and dumplings and scooters (and the dead cockroach found belly up in our hallway). We got back two days ago. Our flight landed at 4:30am, and suffice it to say after running around grocery shopping and reconnecting the Internet and unpacking (and eating a feast at Din Tai Fung), we were dead to the world by 3pm only to wake up at 3am the following day. It's been one of those jet lag experiences. 

While we are sooo happy to be back in our cute + cozy apartment and sleeping in our own king size and incredibly soft bed, I still have to say:
I Miss My Mommy!!
When we bought our airfare, we planned on being in America from June 27th - August 20th. Well, on June 25th, two days before heading back home, my husband very unexpectedly got a job at my international school to teach 4th grade for the upcoming school years. Obviously, this is great news! Look at us and our double income household!!!! But, on the flip side, we had to come back early so he could go to orientation this Monday and do random things like set up a bank account, get paid, etc. You know, kinda important stuff. 

But that also means we were jipped more than 20 days with family and friends! When you only get to see your family and stateside friends once a year, that time really matters!! But don't worry because... 
...I Smell Opportunity!!
We have nearly four weeks before school officially starts for us teachers, and we are going to take advantage of that time to explore Taiwan! While we have seen a lot more of the island than some, it is still embarrassing that we have lived here for three years and have never even circumnavigated the island (especially because it only takes like one day to drive around the whole thing). This year is going to be the year of Taiwan Adventurings! We have no lofty ambitions of traveling the globe far and wide. Instead, we are going to take our first year as an international double income household to eradicate the very last remains of our student loans, which is our only debt, and instead focus on more local pursuits. I thought I would be disappointed because I had a lot of Iceland + Mongolia + Argentina on my mind, by I am actually thrilled!! Yay for plans workings and hard work working and team work working and yay for us!! And yay for Taiwan! But have I mentioned that:
Some Very Strange Things Are Happening Around Here??
One, it was 39 degrees Celsius while we were scooting about town yesterday and when Sean was like, "Phew, it is hoooooooot" I was thinking this kinda feels awesome so I don't know what that's all about. Two, just for clarity, the picture of the cow is here because I like it because he (I'm assuming) is looking right at me and I wasn't sure how else to work him in-- see, that's a little strange. Three, we recently discovered that Sean is eligible for $2,000 in U.S. tax returns due to the completion of his B.A. after turning 24 years old. What another lovely and unexpected surprise! Four, suddenly my husband woke up yesterday morning with the ability to make local foods better than locals. His Dan Bing and fried water spinach and stir fry sprouts are mouthwatering! Go husband! Five, tomorrow I get to sleep in while my husband gets up early and goes to work! Now don't get me wrong: my husband has worked.his.butt.off the last three years starting and finishing his degree, but his work always allowed for him to sleep in while I rolled out of bed at 6am. At least for a few days, I get to be the one who stays in bed when the alarm goes off. I'm not gonna lie: there is a shamefully large part of me that is excited for that moment (justice, sweet justice). Six, my first long run in over a month (not to mention in Taiwan's heat + humidity) felt awesome. Maybe it's my new hot purple running short shorts and hot blue running tank top and reeeally expensive and expert chosen hot purple and hot blue running shoes?? All girls know hot colors give off super powers. Seven, the last time I checked on Bloglovin (which, albeit, was in NZ), I only had 90 something followers and now I have 150. Who are you people? Where did you come from?? Why are you here??? Does not compute. Eight, I am caving and we are purchasing a $500 dryer from Costco later this week. Laundry, I will no longer spend 1+ hour every Sunday hanging you up, only so you can dry a few days later, all misshaped and smelling of mold. Nine, I am actually looking forward to school. I bought a lot of really fun things for my English classes like story dice and Bananagrams and coloring books. I can't wait to use them! Ten, my local Taiwanese grocery store has a huge selection of nice cheeses that I usually have to get from the import store. Cheeeeeeeese! 
But What About the Last Month of My Life?
I still have so much to share, all of my summer in America as a matter of fact. A lot of really fun and cool things happened, but for now I will just leave you with this visual. Yup, that's me flying!! 

So stay tuned for more!

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  1. When my boyfriend and I become a two income household it was glorious! It's not something I want to give up any time soon.
    Congrats on the new followers, clearly they are here for all the good reasons! Like that this little space is awesome!

    1. Awe, thanks :)
      And yes, I will have to continue to do double takes at our bank statements until it really sinks in.