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Friday, September 4, 2015

the perfect gift for a traveler: instax mini polaroid camera

I know it's not the holiday season yet, but I am so excited about my new Instax Mini that I cannot wait until winter to share this little gem! Plus, birthdays people, birthdays. Anyway, this is the perfect gift for any kind of traveler, and I so wish I would have bought one sooner.

So let me tell you why I am so smitten with this camera: I can make my own mementos!

I am not the kind of traveler to buy things on the road and shove them in my bag. Most of the time, our travels are long term and I go with a backpack. There is no room for nick knack mementos. For me, my pictures are my mementos. But those usually live only on this blog or in Lightroom. We did frame some photos from Paris and Venice and London, but we have cement walls here in Taiwan and find it difficult to hang them the way we would like. Some are displayed on our bookshelf, but most are tucked away in a drawer gathering dust.

What actually spurned me to buy an Instax Mini were the cork boards we bought for my husband's 4th grade classroom. After setting up his class, we discovered there was really no space for them, so we brought them home. We hung them up and then wondered: how can we use these to make our adorable apartment even cozier?

My first thought? A polaroid camera! That's what!
And man, it's kinda the thing to do right now. Pinterest is overflowing with Polaroid wall displays. The thingiest thing of all appears to be creating a heart-shaped wall display made of Polaroid photos. While that's not going to be my thing, I am still super excited to decorate our cork boards with these mini photos.

Truth be told, there is no way I will be replacing my Canon with the Instax Mini. I will be taking pictures with both. The latter for the sole purpose of creating fun artwork that is mine and made from mementos of our adventures.

For this reason, I also bought the cheapest model. There were three for sale where I bought mine. This version, along with two packs of film, was less than $100. There were two others with better and more features, but because I am not a professional photographer and I already have a really nice Canon EOS M, I felt like it was silly to buy a more expensive product.

All I want is to point and click and have a little picture to tape in my travel journal or pin to my cork board. I imagine that just about any traveler would be stoked to have something so small and fun that they can use to make their own trip mementos!
Would you want this for your globetrots & adventures?? 

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  1. My instax is one of my favorite little cameras! Although, right now I need some new film. It's so much fun, though! :)

    1. I love mine too! It is actually really perfect for teaching too, which makes me love it even more!

  2. I'm dreaming about this camera!! I should just buy it and that's it :)

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