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Thursday, February 13, 2014

chasing a dream

"You bother me," my husband said, banging pots + pans around our kitchen while preparing dinner. "You bother me more than anybody else."

Of course, he was talking to me.

But what you don't understand is that this is a compliment. It's him telling me that he loves me, cares for me, feels more for me than he does for any other person on this planet... that, and I exasperate him too.

And he has every right to be exasperated. He knows I am most likely dragging him on another misadventure tomorrow and he has not quite gotten over the Ubud sacred monkey forest experience in which he was bitten by a monkey and then required four rabies shots. And he has not forgotten that it was my idea to go to Bali in the first place. And stay right.next.to the monkey forest. And then visit the forest.

So maybe he has the right to feel a little exasperation that the eight of us who were planning on going to the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival tomorrow became the two of us, him + me, who are going to the festival tomorrow because:
a. we were planning on driving because there is no way we will make the last train back to Hsinchu but then our one friend with an international driver's licence discovered it had expired and therefore could not rent a car; thus, eight became six because two did not want to risk taking the train + bus and then getting stuck in Taipei if we missed the last train southbound
b. there is a slight possibility that we will get stuck in the mountainous, rural town of Pingxi after the festival due to the terrible traffic on the single lane mountain road and overabundance of people (hundreds of thousands) who will attend the festival and the lack of transportation options down the mountain; six became four because two did not want to possibly spend a winter night in a random Taiwanese village where there are no hotels
c. it will be in the 40s and there is an 80 percent chance of rain tomorrow; four became two when the other two realized the festival might be cancelled anyways or they would spend a long Friday evening standing in the near-freezing rain

So my husband was wondering why I was missing the ability to see reason and logic because, despite a, b and c, I was determined to go no.matter.what. So then I started researching car hires and found one for $280 USD. So then I started looking up 24 hour cafes in Taipei because no way, no how was I going to pay that much money for a ride.

That's when Sean started banging around the pots and pans.
Because to me, it's completely acceptable + logical to spend a stranded night in a 24 hour cafe in Taipei in order to see this festival.
Likewise, it's totally worth it to possibly get stuck overnight in a small village with no place to stay in the rain + cold.
Because for me it's more than a festival, it's a dream.

I first heard of these sky lantern festivals when we traveled through Chiang Mai in 2010. Ever since, I have been absolutely enchanted with the idea. I even bought a new camera just so I could capture the experience and savor it. So there was absolutely no.way I was willing to miss it due to a few roadblocks. And my dear husband has known me long enough to know that no matter what we were going. And there was a possibility we would be homeless in the mountains or the city.

So he was a little exasperated with my steely determination because he has suffered the consequences of it in the past like that time we spent a night at a bus stop in Malaysia or the time we took a 24 hour train ride or the time he was bitten by a monkey.

So wish us luck tomorrow as we head off into the unknown and make our way to Pingxi. And yes, I realize we could get there and find out it has been cancelled due to rain. Or we could literally not be able to make it down the mountain and have to spend the night up in the mountains. Or we could make it back to the city only to miss the last train home. But I would rather make it all the way to Pingxi just to find the festival cancelled than sit at home and wonder what I am missing because at least that meant I tried and showed up.

I've learned that's the first step in making any dream come true.

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  1. Love this! Sometimes things don't always go as you plan them, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. It's just part of the adventure. Bless our patient husbands for putting up with wive's like us!

    1. Yes, bless our husbands! Although even he had to admit it was totally.worth.it! I guess that is the benefit of being married to women like us: they get to see & do amazing things because we make them :)

  2. Haha, love this. Good luck! I hope it doesn't get cancelled. Can't wait to see some pictures